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The Book

Slow-cooked Thoughts  has a clear central theme: what is a right relationship with the world around us, including all its denizens and their respective environments.

The many facets of this book survey this theme from the viewpoints of art, nature, healthcare, a 10th Century poem, a trade opportunity made possible by decolonisation, an overland trip, Buddhism, Taoism, conceiving space, making history, start and evolution of life, how we view other species and how they view us.

Sixty eight colour photographs taken by the author graphically illustrate some of these points.

The author also looks at how species, previously dominant on earth, altered the environment by their interaction with it, eventually making it uninhabitable for themselves. This paved the way for another species to become dominant. He indicates why a change of mindset is needed by humans, if they wish to continue enjoying the beauty and bounty of nature.